Off Road Armor Proudly Crafted in Colorado, USA

About Off Road Armor
Owner / Husband / Father / Fabricator / Jeep Freak JD Murray & Family

Off Road Armor is located just outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado, just a few minutes from some of the country’s best off road trails. We started Off Road Armor out of a love for Jeeps and four-wheeling.

Wheeling and building Jeeps is a life long passion, and we’ve been doing it most of our lives. We get out and hit the trails every chance we get, and we know what it’s like to be stuck on the side of a trail in the middle of nowhere trying to put your jeep back together, just to get home. Thats why we build off road parts that not only improve the look of your jeep or other vehicle, but are built to take anything you and the Rocky Mountains can throw at 'em.

We don’t build anything that we don’t either run on our own jeeps, or that one of our close friends tests a run through the ringer for us before we sell it to our customers. If you do much off-roading, you need your jeep to take a beating and keep coming back for more. You shouldn’t have to wonder whether or not your winch bumper will stay on the jeep, or if your rocker guards will keep that rock from damaging the rocker and keep your door from opening.

We build products that we trust with our family’s lives and you can trust them too!

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Off Road Armor
Peyton, Colorado